99% of the pictures of girls tagged as ”ana” and ”mia” for thinspiration didn’t have to starve themselves to get that way. I realised this when I saw a picture someone had posted of a friend of mine from ages ago saying they wanted to ”starve” to look like that, and I know she’s not anorexic. She eats as much as her body tells her to. She’s a perfectly healthy girl who is just very happy with excercising and eating nutricious food.

You know what comes with starving yourself? Binging and purging?

  • Horrible skin.
  • Mouth ulcers/ gum decay/ tooth decay/ constant bad breath.
  • Severe mood swings; depression
  • Lack of energy/ constant weakness
  • Bloating/ constipation.
  • Dizziness/ fainting/ headaches.
  • Dry, yellow sking/ nails that crack and are brittle
  • Fine hair begins to grow all over your body and face.
 All these things will affect you so badly, you won’t look beautiful even if you’re thin.

Do you really want all of that? In exchange for one thing you could get just by being healthy? It may take a lot longer. But it’ll stay with you, and you’ll feel proud about achieving something that will stay with you forever: a healthy body. One that you can love and feel happy in. 

Now, I know that anorexia and bulimia is not just wanting a thin body. Because most of the time there is a desire for a perfection which will never ever be achievable. And that most of you don’t even realise how beautiful and thin you already are: that you’re in denial. There are a lot of pyschological issues i’m not diving into because I’m not a proffessional, and I can’t help. I know it’s not that easy to just stop and give up. But I’m hoping that in the 5 minutes it takes you to read this, that you realise you deserve so much more than just being thin: that you deserve to be happy. And that comes hand in hand with a healthy body. 

Once you’re in a routine of a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to starve. It’s a longer road, but so much more fulfilling. Maybe, in these 5 minutes you’ll tell someone who cares about you. Or maybe you’ll convince yourself I might be right. Even if it’s only for 2 seconds, just hold onto that thought. Even one small action like telling a friend that you want to stop, can help, even if you decide to relapse. Maybe it’ll put the control into someone elses hands: someone who won’t give up on you. 

And whenever you’re ready maybe you’ll keep what I said in mind: as motivation. Not thinspiration, but fitspiration.

Best best way to encourage yourself… Buy some pretty running shoes. Or even some nice shorts! I always feel excited to put on my jogging gear and im even more excited now that i’ve got a lovely lilac pair of running shoes! They’re womens nike air relentless 2 (bottom) ^^

It makes exercise less dull and can really improve the way your running if you currently dont have good shoes.

Also, investing in some good shoes for day to day activities can really help your posture. I got some adidas originals (top) which are white with baby pink and blue awww. They’re funky enough for work and also a lot more comfortable when im in uni/ work standing up and running around non stop!

Had to post this ”bun” video! This guy has got to be the best motivational speaker ever. 80s ftw! Great workout for home if you’re lazy like me! You get all cocky halfway through thinking that you can deal with it, but trust me towards the end you’ll be crying!

But you will feel buttlicious afterwards, so it’s deffinitely worth a try ^^

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Eek! I forgot how it feels to get first followers on a new blog! Sorry we can’t follow back (because it’s the two of us running it) but if you’re interested, you can ask us for our main blogs ^^

Ok i messed up my measurements but you can learn and think of a better way! I saw this randomly on tumblr a while back except with two 1 litre bottles instead of 1 refilled halfway through the day (cos im lazy and it’s easier to carry around).

It basically helps you monitor your water intake to make sure you get your 2L a day helping your system flush out toxins and get your body working at max potential. Especially after working out or during the summer. Not to mention, a lot of people mistake thirst for hunger and eat instead of drinking.

Regular healthy water intake means you wont snack unnecessarily!

A healthy option for a really filling meal that me and ioana had last night after an intense butt work out ^^ sashimi (raw fish with no rice) is so much more filling than you’d expect. And there’s no rice to set you back! Loads of yummy uncooked proteins; just always remember to go for a good restaurant otherwise raw fish could turn into a bad stomach bug :(

Alwaaaays get edamame beans: so much freaking fibre!

Also, soya sauce is amazing if you’re a girl: it has great properties so even mixing soya milk into your diet is a great energy booster. Plus its frothy without all the fat; for all you power smoothie lovers!

If you want to work on having a flat stomach, doing this every night before going to bed helps so much. After a week you can already see a notable difference, plus it goes by really quickly because it’s broken into lots of small segments.

And it covers every muscle in your abdominal area!

(Source: fit-tomorrow)

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Oblique workout of death!